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A Comprehensive Branding service

Wherever you are on your journey, if you’re a small business or entrepreneur, we offer a branding service that’s right for you. Whether it be full brand creation or a brand review and refresh. We work with you to create a brand and visual identity that you believe in and are excited by. Also, just as importantly, a service that attracts the right people to your business.

Branding First

Remember, your brand is not your logo, fonts and colour scheme. Your brand is made up of the core values that drive your business. So if you don’t understand what drives your business, you wont be able to speak to the people who you want to sell to.

Full Brand Creation

If you’re at the beginning of your business journey, we’ll work with you to develop a brand that is true to your core values. Also, one that speaks to your ideal client. We’ll get to the core of who you are and what drives your business. We’ll help you communicate that message to the world.

Brand Review and Refresh

If you’ve been in business for a while and your brand feels a little stale, we can conduct a brand review and assess your values and message. Then we’ll develop a new reinvigorated brand that works for your business going forward.

Personal Branding

For many businesses today, they’re built around us as individuals. Because of that, it’s important that we have a well curated personal brand that speaks our truth to the people we want to communicate with. We can help you develop that message and support you with great design and photography.

visual identity Second

Only when you understand your brand and the desires of your ideal client, can you create a stunning visual identity. One that attracts the people you want to your business. We work with you to create a visual identity that speaks your truth to the people you want to talk to. We create all the visual elements you need.


Colour palette

Typography / fonts

Graphic Elements


Style guide

Full Branding Service

Full Branding Service

£2,495 + VAT

Creating a strong brand is integral to building a successful business. If you’re starting a new business, the Full Branding Service is ideal:

Brand refresh

£1,995 + VAT

If you’re already in business and want to revitalise your brand, then the Brand Refresh is for you:

Branding refresh service

Bespoke Branding Service


Whatever your needs, however big or small the project, we can help you by creating a brand and visual identity you’re excited by and proud of. If you’ve got your brand sorted and just need some graphic design work done for you then we can also help, however big or small your needs!